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Lite Tent Camper, LLC of Fort Mill, SC

For information on buying a Lees-ure Lite Trailer,
please contact Jimmie Dawkins at 803-242-7052


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Lees-ure Lite Motorcycle And
Auto Tent Trailers

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Simplicity Without Compromise

You owe it to yourself to carefully check out all the different makes and models of compact camping trailers.....By all means, we truly want you to.
You see, the better you are informed, the better Lees-ure Lite trailers will look.
Compare Lees-ure Lite's extremely fast and simple set-up, high quality workmanship, strong yet very lightweight construction, competitive pricing, and then decide for yourself. We think you will agree that for the majority of travelers, the Less-ure Lite is hands down the logical choice.

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Lees-ure Lite Camper Trailer Videos

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How fast does a Lees-ure Lite set up?

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Lees-ure Lite Promo Video

This short, low resolution video clip is only 1/2 meg in size, and requires only a small amount of patience to download with a dial-up Internet connection
Click here to view the clip
This very nicely produced video has Dian Lees (who is co-owner of Lees-ure Lite with her husband, Rick) and her granddaughter showing us the ease of setting up and closing one of their trailers. It also includes a lot of nice views of both the interior and exterior, customers trailers, and footage of their manufacturing facility.
Click here to view 4.5 meg low-resolution version Will take a lot of patience with a dial up connection
Click here to view 35 meg high resolution version Broadband connections only. Dial-ups need not apply!

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Fast Set Up

Lees-ure Lite trailers offer lightning fast set up

Probably the single biggest stand out feature of a Lees-ure Lite trailer is the lightning fast, extremely easy setup. One person can quickly and with very little effort, open or close this trailer with no problem. Even a "first timer" will have it set up in seconds. It's just that simple.
With the built in stabilizers folded down, simply open it up. While the lid is being opened, the tent will be opening up all by itself! Step inside onto the fiberglass floor to extend and lock in a single tent support, and with a simple lift of the small interior bed extension, the short, sturdy supports swing down into place.
That's it! Only seconds!
You can probably do it faster than you can say it.
No cumbersome bed boards or flimsy exterior bed props, no unfolding and attaching the tent, no crawling around on your knees unfolding numerous supports.
Also, an easily overlooked feature unique to a Lees-sure Lite is that there's no need to take apart and pack away your bedding every time you close the trailer. Think about the time you would spend every travel day folding, packing, storing, unloading, unpacking, then setting up again, your sleeping bags, mattresses, pillows, blankets, etc.
Wouldn't it be nice to simply open your trailer and have your bed already set up and ready to use? This single feature alone saves a HUGE amount of time and effort.

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Simple Design with Quality Components and Construction

Lees-ure Lite trailers are both lightweight and strong with a very clever, simple design that has less things to fool with and less things to go wrong.

The open sided demonstration trailer pictured on the right shows the interior layout when set up. Note that the bed is solidly situated inside the actual fiberglass body of the trailer, not on plywood boards propped up in mid-air, and that the fiberglass floor (as opposed to a canvas floor like a tent) is around 4 1/2 inches up off the ground. With the 2 inch lip, you have more than ample "flood" protection without a large step up into the trailer.

tipstnd.jpg - 100953 BytesAnother important feature unique to Lees-ure Lite trailers is the ability to easily store your trailer tipped up on end. With a footprint of only 36" X 56" when stood up, the space savings when stored may be enough to allow storage in your dry, secure garage instead of out in the yard.
Storage Tip Stands (a $60.00 value) are Included free with any Lees-ure Lite trailer purchased!

There are two different Lees-ure Lite trailer models available which are identical in every way except for the width. The Original Cycle model which is 48" wide, and the Excel model which is 54" wide.
The names are a little confusing.
The Excel model can be easily towed behind any full size motorcycle!
Remember, at only 255 lbs, the Excel is still one of the lightest motorcycle camper trailers in the industry. By far the most popular selling model is the Excel model whether pulling behind a car or a motorcycle. The extra 6" width is hardly noticable when towing, but seems much wider when you are laying in it, especially with two people. The 54" width of the Excel model is also the same width as a standard full size bed, making it much easier to find air mattresses, sheets, etc. that fit properly. Generally the only folks who buy the Cycle model are single travelers who feel they really don't need the extra width.

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  • Wheels have five lug type hubs, not the usual four
  • Standard tires are 6 ply rated 4.80 X 8", load range C, with a weight rating of 745lbs each
  • Suspension is fully independant rubber torsion style, which means a smooth ride, and no heavy, exposed leaf springs to rattle or rust
  • The trailers are rated for a total weight of 700 lbs. When you subtract the weight of the trailer (only 235lbs or 255lbs for the Cycle or Excel models respectively), this leaves a payload capacity of around 450lbs! Along with the 26 or 30 cubic ft. of interior storage space and the standard equipment aluminum roof rack, that's the ability to carry a lot of stuff. Add on the optional storage pod and aluminum storage container, and there isn't much you can't bring with you.
  • Body of the trailer is fiberglass construction, as is the lid. No plywood to rot, or aluminum to dent. Also, the smooth, white gelcoat exterior gives you a low maintainence, high gloss finish that allows small scratches and nicks to be easily repaired.
  • When closed, all tent components are stored inside the fiberglass body giving the trailer an extremely low center of gravity. No seperate trailer cover is necessary, allowing for a very clean, finished look and the ability to use the standard equipment luggage rack if needed.
  • Items inside camper (mattress, bedding, stored items, etc.) are never directly exposed to the outside elements while setting up. A real plus if you have to set up in the rain.
  • The pop-up tent uses little space inside the body when it is folded up, allowing you to use almost all the space for storage when traveling.
  • Sleeping area size is 48"(cycle) or 54"(Excel) X 6' 9" long
  • When set up, the trailers have 6 feet 4 inches of head room while standing up off the ground on the solid fiberglass floor
  • When opened, the floor is supported securely by the sturdy, full length, non folding, roof rack
  • With the exception of the floor area, all interior trailer body surfaces are nicely finished off with carpet
  • Tent fabric is permanantly attached and sealed all the way around the perimeter of the trailer with no gaps (as opposed to canvas held on with snaps or bungee cords); Less places for pests to make their way in.
  • The tent "canvas" is actually a breathable polyester fabric which is resistant to mildew and rot.
  • Fabric will not shrink or stretch -- Seams are double stitched
  • Four Large Screened Windows with Curtains (Upon seeing the trailer in person for the first time, many people comment on how much larger the windows are than what they thought they would be from the pictures. I don't why, but they do look much smaller in the pictures.)
  • Standard canopy on each end to protect window from the sun or rain
  • Emergency exit
  • Standard front and rear self storing stabilizing jacks
  • Original Cycle Trailer Box Size: 48" x 66" closed / 48" x 132" open - 230 lbs. 26 cubic ft. storage space
  • Excel Trailer Box Size: 54" x 66" closed / 54" x 132" open- weighs 255 lbs. 30 cubic ft. storage space
  • Overall Length 108" closed / 172" open (w/standard hitch. Add 3.5" for swivel hitch)
  • GAWR 700lbs
  • Ball size 1 7/8"
  • Each Trailer is equipped to accept options at a future date

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New Colors For 2007

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NOTE: Because of variations between computer monitors, colors are only approximate and may look a little different in person.
All colors come with light grey roof except Camo, which has dark green

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